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Electric Power Tiller Machine

Electric Power Tiller

Solar-powered Electric Tractor

Sukoon Krishi-Raj Electric Power Tiller Machine, designed and developed in collaboration with an innovative local farmer. It’s a revolutionary take on the modern power tiller. However modular design allows it to be attached to various implements both for farm and industrial use.


Sukoon presents Krishi Raj:

Fully Electric, Battery Powered Tiller with Bike Attachment.

It has 2 modes, POWER Mode and SPEED Mode, based on the purpose of the usage.

The tiller has a light attached for working and usage during the night.

Electric Bike Tiller

Power Tiller Attachments

  1. Tiller
  2. Plough
  3. Cutting Blade
  4. Trolley
  5. Bike / E-scooter Attachment
  6. Earth Auger
  7. Water Pump
  8. Solar Panels

Electric Power Tiller work

Benefits of Electric Power Tiller

  • 0% – Monthly Diesel Spending
  • 100% – Runs On Electricity
  • 3 to 6 Hour Battery Backup with Li-Ion*
  • ₹0 – Maintenance Free

For Booking,

Call/WhatsApp: +91 7838454511


Use “PROMO CODE: DISCOVER” while booking to get a 5% discount.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Electric Tillers are a low-cost digging tool, saving you long periods of difficult work, sweat, and spinal pain. Dissimilar to gas-fueled adversaries, they’re not difficult to begin, entirely reasonable, and most are much more moderate.

Weeding became much easier with this machine. It is an electric machine, which can be used in various crops.

The main use of the field cultivator is to set up an appropriate seedbed for the yield to be planted into, cover crop buildup in the soil, control weeds, and mix incorporate the soil to ensure the grown crop has enough nutrients and water.

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