Discover Agriculture Agricultural Machines Hegde Motocart-350 – Best Cart for Farmers

Hegde Motocart-350 – Best Cart for Farmers



This is Motocart 350. If you use this machine, You can Move all kinds of materials almost Effortlessly over most terrains and narrow passages. These Motocarts are proving to be the most cost-effective and labor-saving equipment.

Due to ease of gearless operation and walk behind the design, it can be operated by both Male and females. moto cart 350 machines can carry 350 kg load. In this video, I will give complete information on this machine.

Motocart is initially built in the year 2009. from the year 2012 Hegde’s Motocart-350 has been commercialized. It is manufactured according to the needs of the farmers. K V Lakshminarayana Hegde being a progressive farmer developed this product in his Hegde Farm, and rigorously tested it in all the terrains with different loads. It is now marketed under the brand name HEGDE’S Motocart. Now Saya enterprises selling their products.


Technical Specifications:

This machine comes with a 3.9 HP Honda GX-160, 4 Stroke Petrol Engine.

It weighs 182 kg & it can move at the speed of 5 km per hour.

You can work for 1.5 to 2 hours in 1-liter petrol, with this machine. It may vary as per load and terrain.

You can lift the tray manually. This tray is made up of Powder Coated Metal. It has 3-Side Detachable Doors.

Its Spare parts are available in honda showrooms & Servicing will be done by Honda dealers. as you know Honda has a dealer network all over India. Or else you can contact saya enterprises for spare parts and service.

How to buy Motocart 350?

To buy this Machine, please contact Saya enterprises.

Contact Saya Enterprises: +91 94487 65852 / +91 94820 42211


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