Discover Agriculture Farming Black Turmeric Cultivation: Kali Haldi

Black Turmeric Cultivation: Kali Haldi

black turmeric

Black Turmeric Farming

Black Turmeric is a since a long time ago established evergreen plant, which is about 1.0 to 1.5 cm in stature. The base of the plant is blue-dark. Its natural name is Curcuma Caesia. Dark turmeric crop gets matured in around nine months. Its rhizome has bacterial and antifungal properties.

Turmeric goes about as a toner for the cerebrum and heart. Its irregularities can fix numerous illnesses. It is utilized for Piles, Respiratory illnesses, Asthma, and Tumor.

On the off chance that farmers develop black turmeric with present-day innovation, they can get the greatest creation. Here, in this article, we will guide you regarding the growth of black turmeric with present-day innovation.

Turmeric Climatic Requirements

Black turmeric can be filled in a sweltering temperature environment and fills well in direct daylight. What’s more, can be developed well whenever furnished with great cultivating conditions. This plant can endure temperatures from around 41 to 45 degrees Celsius.


The black turmeric can be filled in sandy-smooth and somewhat acidic soil. Its rhizome can’t fill well in smooth-dark soil.

Land Preparation for Black Turmeric farm

First furrowing should be finished by running a profound furrow. And afterward, before the rainstorm, or in the primary seven-day stretch of June, make the dirt pounded by 2 or multiple times furrowing. Note that, there should be an acceptable waste framework in the field. After this, blend the cow excrement at the pace of 10 to 15 tons for each hectare.

Black turmeric farm


The main thing to note is that its bunches are its reproducer material. Ready bunches are gathered prior to planting and afterward cut into lengths. After this germination bud in each part is utilized for planting.

Black Turmeric Planting Method

The protuberance is planted straightforwardly for black turmeric cultivating. Also, about 2.2 huge loads of bunches are needed in one hectare of land.

Prior to planting, irregularities should be inundated in a 2 percent arrangement of Bavistin for around 20 minutes.

Black Turmeric Transplantation

Prior to the appearance of a rainstorm, sow the bump in the ground, and should be planted a ways off of 30X30 cm. bundles grow inside 15-20 days. Something more to be noted is that, at the hour of furrowing in the field, add around 10 to 15 natural fertilizers.

Irrigation system

The yield is normally filled in all-year conditions in the Kharif season. In case there is less downpour, the water system should be done according to the prerequisite.


Pests and Diseases

Up until this point, there hasn’t been seen any episode of nuisances on the black turmeric crop, yet now and again dark spots can be seen on the leaves. To forestall this, sprinkle Bordeaux blend on the leaves at the timespan month.

Harvesting Turmeric

Harvesting of this turmeric is done in the period of January, most ideally in mid-January. Recall that, while eliminating the roots from the harvest, the protuberances ought to be taken out appropriately, since, in such a case that they disintegrate, the tubers get harmed.

Post-Harvest Management

In the wake of eliminating the bunches, first, strip them off. And afterward, dry in the outdoors. After this, keep the dry protuberances, improper dampness-free holders.


In the event that black turmeric is developed with the above strategy, around 50 tons of new irregularities can be acquired in 1 section of land, while 10 tons of dry knots can be gotten. Also, as indicated by this, if the cost of crude turmeric is Rs. 30 for each kg, then, at that point ranchers can undoubtedly acquire 10 lakhs through it.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yield of fresh rhizomes is 19-21 tonnes per acre while dry rhizome yield is about 3.5 to 5 tonnes per acre.

Yes its profitable. The turmeric crop which grown and as per the yield which we get from polyhouse we recover our invested amount within 1 and half years which spent in building asset.

Turmeric cultivation profit in India: The total yield per acre is 8 to 10 tons. The price per kg is ₹69 and hence, the turmeric farmer can get total profit of ₹5,52,000.

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