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Discover the Agriculture with DISCOVER AGRICULTURE Channel. A career in Agriculture is one of the largest industries and a good source of employment across the country. The world is an amazing place full of stories, beauty, and natural wonder. Explore the official Discover Agriculture YouTube channel and meet Farmers & Farms of your planet. Here you’ll find the worth of astounding, entertaining, thought-provoking, and educational Agriculture documentaries. We have provided valuable information in possible areas of Entrepreneurship Development in Agriculture.

Discover Agriculture Channel was created by Roshan Shetty(YouTuber/Creator) and Harshith Bhandary(Website Manager/Creator).

We have grown by increasing our range of valuable, reliable, and innovative research and development services through many videos. We are the leading providers of agriculture and research services to the industry. We offer the best agriculture advice possible based on our knowledge of soil, agronomy, and agricultural crop production.

Research and Extension systems play a major role in the generation and communication of Agricultural technologies aiming at enhancing the income of farmers. The extension system adopts a series of extension methods such as Training, demonstration, exposure visit to transfer the technologies from lab to land. The majority of these extension efforts mainly focus on location and crop-specific technologies, and more on the solution to problem basis. However, there is a need for equipping the farmers with Basic knowledge of Agriculture to create a better knowledge platform at the farmer level. So, it’ll help for taking appropriate farm management decisions and to absorb modern technologies.


More than 85% of the farmers wanted basic education on agriculture and crop production. We providing more and more information to our viewers. Therefore we have satisfaction regarding our service to the people, who interested in Agricultural field.

  • To enhance awareness of farmers on critical factors in the selection of crops and cropping patterns.
  • To create an understanding of judicious use of natural resources such as soil and water.
  • Provide basic knowledge and education on seed and cropping systems.
  • To emphasize the importance of mechanization.
  • To sensitize the farmers on Good Agricultural Practices.

Modern Technology implementation

Current advances in data management are making Smart Farming grow exponentially as data have become the key element in modern agriculture to help producers with critical decision-making. Valuable advantages appear with objective information acquired through sensors to maximize productivity and sustainability. This kind of data-based managed farm relies on data that can increase efficiency by avoiding the misuse of resources and the pollution of the environment. Data-driven agriculture, with the help of modern robotic technologies incorporating artificial intelligence, sets the base for the sustainable agriculture or farming of the future.


To increase the awareness and understanding about the crops pest, diseases, and weeds. Strengthening the farmer’s knowledge on effective management of insects, diseases, and weeds in crops. Awareness about the source of extension, information, and services among farmers. To expose farmers to public and private extension services. Giving plans and ideas to start an agricultural business to those who are beginners.