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MSc Agriculture

MSc Agriculture is a 2-year postgraduation program that can be pursued after completion of the bachelor’s degree program. Agriculture Science is perhaps the most pursued course because of its high ubiquity in the positions area and expansion in prominence. Notwithstanding, to expand their learning vision and deal with a few spaces under Agriculture.

A few specialization streams are given and sought after top to bottom to furnish the alumni with the necessary abilities to spend significant time in different rural investigations and effects associated with its tasks and working. These specializations will assist the understudies to stretch out and ace in one field of farming examinations.

The accompanying subjects are remembered for the educational plan which gives an essential comprehension of different variables under Agriculture science and a more profound comprehension of procedures utilized wasteful yield the executives, domesticated animals the board, asset the executives, crop investigation, and considerably more.

The following subjects are pursued in M.Sc Agriculture Course:

M.Sc Agriculture Syllabus

Semester I (Subjects)

  1. Principle and practices of water management
  2. Principles and practices of soil fertility and nutrient management
  3. Micro Economic Theory and Application
  4. Agrometeorology and Crop Weather Forecasting
  5. Plant Biochemistry
  6. Principles of Nematology
  7. Basic Plant Breeding

Semester II (Subjects)

  1. Plant Genetic Resources and Seed Technology
  2. Modern concepts in crop production
  3. Dryland farming and watershed management
  4. Agricultural Statistics
  5. Cropping systems and sustainable agriculture
  6. Principles of Cytogenetics
  7. Principles of Quantitative Genetics

Semester III (Subjects)

  1. Agronomy of major cereals and pulses
  2. Agronomy of Fodder And Forage Crops
  3. Cropping System And Sustainable Agriculture
  4. Irrigation Management
  5. Econometrics
  6. Basic Horticulture
  7. Toxicology of Insecticides
  8. Integrated livestock farming system
  9. Specialization-1
  10. Specialization-2

Semester IV (Subjects)

  1. Agri marketing basics
  2. Practical Training
  3. Advances in Crop Production
  4. Research Project
  5. Agrostology
  6. Internship

MSc Agriculture Specialisations

The following are a list of specialization fields that can be pursued under M.Sc Agriculture:


  1. Economics
  2. Environmental Sciences
  3. Agri-Business Management
  4. Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry
  5. Plant Breeding and Genetics
  6. Horticulture
  7. Entomology
  8. Plant Pathology
  9. Agricultural Economics
  10. Biochemistry and Plant Physiology
  11. Live Stock Production and management
  12. Statistics
  13. Agronomy
  14. Molecular Plant Breeding
  15. Nematology
  16. Biotechnology
  17. Nanoscience and Technology
  18. Forestry
  19. Vegetable Science
  20. Geoinformatics
  21. Irrigation Water Management
  22. Food Science