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Teak Wood Farming (Sagwan Farming)

Teak tree Farming/Cultivation

Teak / Sagwan is the most well-known wood tree in India particularly utilized for furniture making. The species has a place with the family Lamiaceae. Teak is otherwise called Sagwan Tree. It brings more exorbitant costs because of the nature of wood. The sandy soil is viewed as the best soil surface for this tree.

It neglects to fill in the dirt with pH underneath 6.5. Mr. Chatu Menon of Malabar (Kerala) is known as the father of Teak farming in India. He had raised in excess of 1,000,000 teak plants in Kerala during 1842-1862. It very well may be filled in all pieces of the nation aside from the dry western zone. Generally, it leans towards a profound, fruitful, very much depleted profound alluvial soil.


Teak has a tremendous sought after in National and International Markets, due for its potential benefits. The appropriation of teakwood is generally influenced by the environment, geography, and soil of a specific district. At a worldwide level conveyance of teak manor normally happens in all corners.

It has additionally been presented in nations like Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, West Indies, Honduras, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, and Panama.


Teak tree plantation

In India, it is normally appropriated for the most part in the peninsular district, however has additionally been planted in non-conventional regions in northern and northeastern states. The best quality teak developing zones in India are in the focal pieces of the country, thus the brand name CP Teak was allocated to the top quality teak delivered from the current situation with Madhya Pradesh.

It is local to the south and Southeast Asia, fundamentally India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Burma, yet is naturalized and developed in numerous nations in Africa and the Caribbean. Burma represents almost 33% of the world all out teak creation.

It is perhaps the main hardwoods of the world and utilized for furniture, bureau making, different levels of compressed wood, framing, a wide range of development, shafts, heaps, transport building, and different purposes.

How To Grow Teak Tree From Seeds


The sagwan plant is a significant tree of damp locales, yet it leans towards soggy, warm heat and humidity. It can withstand boundaries of temperature (13- 44°C), however more plentiful development saw between 13-17°C.

It fills well in the precipitation zone of 1200-2500 mm. Planting of teak woods relies upon zone just as kind of planting for example block or bund planting. The ideal dispersing for block planting is 2 x 2 m obliging 2500 plants for each ha. Germination happens within 30-40 days. There is a video available on our channel (Watch Video below).

The germination rate shifts from 60 to 80%. Select solid planting stocks for teak development. On a comparable premise, the separating of plants can be kept at 2 m in lines, in bund manors. The base planting zone for the block manor ought to be 0.2 ha or 500 trees for every unit. Helpless germination restricts the germination percent of teak, due to hard and thick cover on the seed.

Utilization of corrosive treatment, substitute dousing and drying, mechanical strategy, and the utilization of cow waste slurry treatment upgraded the germination rate. Plants can be developed in pots or utilizing any Polythene covers or They can be straightforwardly applied ashore. Nursery in neighborhoods likewise delivering teak plants from where the greater part of the individuals purchasing and planting on their territory.

How To Plant Teak Tree

Select sound planting stocks planted at 2m x 2m, 2.5m x 2.5m, or 3m x 3m plant to plant distance. It can likewise be raised alongside farming harvests at a separating of 4m x 4m or 5m x 5m.

This 45 x 45 x 45 cm size pit ought to be loaded up with a combination of FYM, Fertilizers, and soil. Weeding might be completed at 3 activities in the primary year, 2 tasks in the second year, and one activity in the third year.

First diminishing in a seventh/eighth year and second diminishing in thirteenth/fourteenth year ought to be finished. The best planting season is a rainstorm, ideally after the main shower.

Two portions of manure (in the long stretch of August and September) at 50 g for each plant of NPK (15:15:15) might be given each year as long as three years. Water system ought to be generally applied during pressure period which supports the development of the plants. Teak is exceptionally delicate to helpless seepage.

Infection, Insect, and Pest

A scope of bug, bug, and sicknesses made a critical misfortune to the ranchers. It decreases the wooden nature of teak just as market cost. Teak defoliator and skeletonizer (Hyblaea pure and Eutectona machaeralis) cause broad harm to youthful manors.

Root decay because of Polyporous zonalis is additionally regular in the estate. Pink infection growth causes ulcers and bark chipping. Fine buildup brought about by Olivea tectonae and Uncinula tectonae prompts untimely defoliation.

Be that as it may, typically, if the environment is useful for trees to develop sickness or bugs assault chance is less. It is subsequently important to attempt prophylactic and control measures to guarantee great soundness of the harvests.

New leaf concentrates of Calotropis procera, Datura metal, and Azadirachta indica were discovered to be best against teak skeletonize. Utilization of these sort eco-accommodating bug sprays which are innocuous and have contamination-free ramifications on the climate.

teak wood

Advantages of Teak tree cultivation

Teak manor gives a superior yield just as decreased the dirt disintegration in high precipitation regions. Its wood utilized for quality furniture can upgrade the benefit to the ranchers. At first, the expense is more, however, after the seventh year ahead it begins to give a few returns.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Teak Wood is also known as a kind of wood that is very expensive due to slow growth which can only be harvested at a minimum age of 20 years. Also, have High Demand in the market and a declining number of these trees, make the price of wood always increase every year.

Tectona grandis is local to the south and southeast Asia, mainly Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Sri Lanka, however, is naturalized and developed in numerous nations in Africa and the Caribbean.

Teak is a high-quality hardwood species generally found in tropical areas. This is perhaps the most valuable, high-priced, and high-demand timber crop in India. Teak wood cultivation is a productive, and profitable crop with the government giving subsidies for its promotion.

Teak tree is faster growing tropical woods, But still, it takes 20-25 years to mature or tree harvesting.

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