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Fogging Machine

Using this kisanvilla fogging machine you can earn 5000₹ per day. during this pandemic, use this machine for sanitization. you can use this machine to get rid of mosquitoes and fly. It can also be used in dairy farms and to fog pesticides and insecticides on your farm. In this video, you’ll get complete information’s on this machine. watch this video till the end.

Models of Kisanvilla Fogger Machine

  1. Mini Fogging Machine.
    This is manual machine and it’s very light weight. Price is also very less. It can be used to sanitize home and to fog pesticides.
  2. Thermal fogging machine.
    This is fully automatic and very easy to use. It can be used to sanitize big buildings like school, college, hospitals, temples and you can use it to fog pesticides.

Difference between Spraying and Fogging

By spraying drop form that ends up on the surface. It makes the floor wet. But foggers create particles that are so small, they float in the air. contrary to spraying, fogging is dry disinfection.

fogging machine

How to use Fogging machine

This is a mini fogger machine. You can fill water or diesel. Diesel is used only when you are doing hot fogging. Use water while doing cold fogging. A tank fill sanitizer, pesticides, or anything you want to fog. You have to know to fix the gas tank. A gas tank is available at your local market at ₹60 to 70. Then press the buttons. Now gas has moved to this tank. Then switch the button and now the coil starts getting heated. It will be completely reddish within 3 minutes. Now the machine starts fogging.

This is the thermal fogging machine. Fill diesel, petrol, and water in respective tanks. Next press the nozzles here. The machine has a charging socket and this is an on-off switch. It has a button that is used to test the charge and one more is the start button.

How to Earn ₹5000 per day?

Nowadays everyone wants to sanitize their house. Every school, college hospital, and the public place has to be sanitized. so you can do that job. you can sanitize around 10-15 houses in a day. The maximum investment will be around ₹500. Everyone will give you a minimum of ₹500, for sanitizing work. So you can earn a minimum of ₹5000 to 6000 in a day.

Price and Warranty

Mini fogger machine costs ₹11900 and thermal fogging machine costs ₹25900. You will get a 6-month warranty on Both machines.

You can buy this machine online through farmbaba website or app. Or else you can buy by directly call or WhatsApp to kisanvilla company.

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