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Live Fencing Plants (Bio Fencing System) | Privacy Hedge Fence (Green Fence)

bio fencing

What is bio fencing?

Bio fencing is lines of trees planted on farm and field boundaries that give protection against cattle and wildlife, act as windbreaks, enrich the soil, and control dust.

They are less expensive and useful than fences made of wood, barbed wire, or stone masonry. Various species have been tested to discover their suitability for use as bio fencing plant species have been widely used.

Bio Fencing Benefits

Bio fencings around croplands are not very common due to their large size. However, trees are normally planted around boundaries or bunds to demarcate plots and live fences are normally erected only on the sides of the field touching the road or cattle path. Bio fencings along parks and gardens require having ornamental and aesthetic value, besides protecting the site.

Bougainvilla is being hardy, evergreen, fast-growing, colorful, and thorny, making a good fence. Croton plants are also good bio fences. It looks beautiful as well. We can also use flower plants like rose, hibiscus as live fences.

Citrus plants are one of the best bio fences. Grow it along with pineapple plants. So that wild predators won’t enter inside the farm. At the same time, you will get citrus fruits and pineapples. You can sell it commercially. It gives a small amount of extra income.

Live Fences aren’t just looking good, it gives a lot of benefits to Farmers. It attracts a lot of birds, insects, and bats to your farm. They help directly and indirectly to farmers. Actually, it helps to create a natural ecosystem inside your farm.


Instead of barbed wire and other fencing systems, try a live fencing system. We don’t have the right to kill animals. They have the right to live on this planet. Even without killing predators, we can get rid of them. Go green and save our nature.

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