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Agriculture Marketing | Online Marketing Strategies

Agriculture Marketing

Agriculture Marketing

Agriculture Marketing is the main problem in the Agriculture sector. Even if there is a market, Farmers are not getting good profit. Usually, stakeholders are making more profit out of farmers’ agricultural produce. But farmers don’t know how to deal with this situation.

Selling agricultural produce on the roadside became the old fashion. You’ll get good profit there, but that’s not that easy task.

Now you no need to worry about all these problems. Customers will come to your farm and they will buy directly from you. And the best thing is there are no stakeholders. You can decide the price and you will get a complete profit. It sounds unreal and impossible. But it is possible. If you watch this video till the end, you will understand how to do agriculture marketing successfully and effectively.

Today nearly half of the world’s population is wired to the internet. Almost everyone is using social media and google. Even farmers are using it. But 99.9% of people don’t know how to use it in their favor. Maximum people waste their time on social media. It sounds rude, but everyone knows it really well.

The Internet has amazing power. We guide, how to use this platform in an effective way. You can adopt these strategies in all businesses and you can be successful in any business. At first, you can find information on free online marketing strategies.

Farmers don’t have proper knowledge of online marketing. If you use an online marketing strategy, then no need to depend on stakeholders. Hope you’ll get a lot of important marketing ideas.

1. Google my business

With a Google my business account, you get more than a business listing, your free business profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google search and maps. Even if you’re in a small village, it will connect with the whole world. Here you can list your products and you will get one business website for free.

If you use this facility then your farm will be listed on Google and Google Maps. Google will recommend your farm to your nearby customers who are searching on Google. So customers will directly connect with you and visit your farm too. They will buy your produces directly from you.

2. IndiaMART

They connect buyers and sellers. IndiaMART is India’s largest B2B marketplace, connecting buyers with suppliers. You can create a merchant account for free without using a GST identification number too. If you list your products here, you will get calls and messages directly from customers. You can decide the price for your products. So, you’ll get the maximum price. List your products regularly with different names as customers search on google and in IndiaMART. Listing is similar to posting photos on Facebook or Instagram. it’s that simple.

3. Facebook

2.7 billion people use Facebook every month to connect with friends and family. Find new customers and build lasting relationships with them. Here you can sell products through Facebook pages, groups, and in Facebook Marketplace. You can easily post Your products on the Facebook marketplace. Nearby customers will contact you. You can monetize your Facebook page and earn a small amount of money from it.

4. Instagram

Instagram can also do help you grow your business and introduce new products. Every month 130 Million Instagram users engage with shopping content.

5. YouTube

YouTube marketing is the practice of promoting business and products on the YouTube platform by publishing videos on the YouTube channel. you can make a YouTube channel for free. don’t use any copyrighted content. Work smartly on SEO and thumbnails to be successful on YouTube. Even your channel will get monetized after reaching 4000-hour views and 1000 subscribers in 12 months. So you can earn a decent amount of money from YouTube too. Anyone can do it. You will get a lot of customers through the YouTube channels.

You can also reach out to YouTubers like me to promote your product. Some people may ask for money for promotion. We will do it for free, with the intention to help farmers. Promoting video only if there is something to learn for farmers. You can send your video to our official email. We’ll try our level best to help you.

These 5 media are best to do online marketing for free. Because it has maximum viewers and we can reach more people easily. At the same time, you should have an idea of SEO. Then only you can reach the Target audience or customers. That means you should list your products as, how people are searching online.

You can also use paid promotions or paid services to reach or target specific customers. If you use Google, Facebook, and Instagram advertisement services, you can target a specific audience. it can be based on area, gender, age, interest etcetera.

IndiaMART paid services will give a lot of buy leads. If you have enough money to spend on it, then go for it. You will get a lot of customers.

If you are a small farmer, We don’t recommend it. But Still, you can get a lot of customers through Google my business, Facebook, Instagram, IndiaMART, and YouTube.

Agriculture Marketing | Online Marketing Strategies

Now let’s discuss other Creative Online marketing strategies.

1. Agriculture marketing using e-commerce Websites.

Amazon, Flipkart, and big basket are major Ee-commerce websites. This is recommended for big farmers. It requires a GST identification number. You can create a Merchant account and sell online through all their platforms. They may take a small amount of commission. If you do it then you can get a lot of customers.

2. Marketing through Website and Apps.

You will get a good number of customers if you sell online through websites or apps. But you have to work smartly on SEO. Here you should pay to get a professional domain, hosting, and some other services. You can make websites by yourself. No need to depend on Software engineers. We recommend Wix and WordPress to make websites. Because it is really easy to make websites using those two platforms. it can be managed by yourself and you can make websites in small investment. You can make websites using bloggers too.

Making apps isn’t that easy. You have to meet software engineers to make good quality apps. You can publish those apps on the google play store or on the iOS app store.

The interesting thing is you can monetize both apps and websites. So you can earn money from that too.


Hope you like this post on agriculture marketing, please do share this video with all farmers. If farmers don’t understand English, please explain to them in your language. Because every farmer should have an idea of this concept. if all Farmers start using these facilities, then every farmer will live happily. All farmers get rid of stakeholders. Hopefully, it will save a lot of farmer’s life. So please share this video as much as possible.

(We need to reach Farmers all around the world. So we need your support to do this kind of works. Please do subscribe to discover agriculture YouTube channel for interesting and informative videos)

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Most frequent questions and answers

You’ll get a lot of calls and messages from customers. And nearby customers start visiting your farm with the help of google my business or google Maps. You can sell your produces directly to customers. You can provide your services easily for local customers.

The solution is you can use some courier facilities. In India, we can use services of Indian Railways, Indian post, DTDC, VRL, Delivery, and many other services too. The transport charge will be there. it depends on the weight of your courier and the distance between you and your customers. There is Cash on delivery and pre-paid services too. You can use that facility.

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