Integrated Fish And Layer Chicken Farming | Integrated Poultry and Fish Farming

What is integrated fish, and chicken farming?

Well, it is nothing but raising fish and chicken or along with other livestock where livestock’s manure is being used for fish food. In this type of fish farming, the fish feed is provided from other livestock litter or (manure) either directly or indirectly. Poultry farming in rural and urban areas is increasing rapidly since poultry has good demand.

The most suitable fishes for integrated fish and poultry farming are those fishes that can filter and feed on phytoplankton, zooplankton, and bacteria from pond water. Catla, Silver carp, and Rohu fishes are recommended in integrated fish farming.

Chicken, and Fish Farming Together:

Apart from meat and egg production, poultry manure is another source of income for poultry farmers. One can utilize this nutrient-rich manure in aquaculture for a better conversion rate than in agriculture. Fish ponds can be built along with poultry house or shed for better accessibility of chicken droppings. Integrated fish farming can be carried out with poultry, ducks, piggery, dairy, sericulture, horticulture, agriculture, and mushrooms. So, finally, the conclusion is that integrated poultry-fish farming is a profitable agricultural business idea.

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