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A Farmer invented this Amazing Tree Climbing Equipment

Areca nut is the main source of income for many in Dakshina Kannada. Now the farmers in the district are facing labor problems in order to pluck the Areca nut crop from the top of the tree. Because which needs in tree climbing. As the work of spraying pesticides and harvesting the crop happens simultaneously, farmers are having labor shortages. If the pesticide is not sprayed on time, it results in a loss of crop.

Best Tool to Climb Areca nut Trees

This is Mr. Bhaskar, A young farmer from Charvaka village in Kadaba taluk, Karnataka, who invented the best tool to climb areca nut trees. Believe it or not, Bhaskar gave up his studies after the fifth standard for various reasons and took up agriculture. Let’s discuss in detail about his invention.

How did the Areca nut tree climbing tool develop?

Keeping all those things in mind, Bhaskar did research. After many years of effort, after so many failures, finally he come up with this amazing areca nut tree-climbing cycle. Bhaskar began using this equipment three years ago. He was comfortably harvesting areca nuts and spraying pesticides without depending on laborers on his farm.

After seeing this tool many farmers requested him to make it for them. Then he started selling the areca nut tree climbing cycle. The equipment is very simple and can be used by men, women as well as children. It is handy for harvesting areca nuts and spraying the pesticide. Now he is making these tools in his own small workshop with the help of 2-3 laborers.

Arecanut Tree Climbing Cycle _ Farmer invented this Amazing Machine

Areca nut Tree Climbing Equipment Specifications:

This tree cycle is made up of GI rods. They use powerful chains and locking systems too. One can climb the tree by locking the equipment to the Arecanut tree which can be used with both hands and legs. Even an 85 kg person also climbs the areca nut tree using this tool. You can make chain adjustments as per tree diameter.

The tree diameter may be less at the top, but you can change the diameter at the top as well. You can climb slippery trees in the rainy season using a tree climbing cycle. Bhaskar will provide a safety rope along with this tool. Anyone can climb trees using this tool without any practice, but everyone has to wear a safety rope before climbing up a tree.


After seeing Bhaskar’s innovation many people copied his idea. They were using low-quality materials and they sell them at low prices. Because of their negligence, farmers may get serious injuries. So Bhaskar decided to apply for a patent. If you want to buy this tool please contact Bhaskar directly(WhatsApp: Bhaskar). Bhaskar said that now this equipment can be used to climb only Areca nut trees. In the future, he wants to develop this kind of tool to climb coconut trees. Research is going on in this field too. He was hungry to help farmers.

Till now no one recognized his talent. He did not get any support from the agriculture departments or the government. He was expecting the support from government and agriculture departments. We request all farmers to support his work.

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