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Ground Nut Cake Using as Organic Fertilizer

An Effective Plant Growing Promoter. Groundnut fertilizer contains potash and phosphorus which enables flowering and higher yield in plants.

This video shows tips for getting better yields for your kitchen garden.

Organic Fertilizer

Groundnut cakes are suitable for all types of crops. Ground nut cake can be used as an organic fertilizer in our home kitchen garden or terrace farming. It’s easily available in grocery shops and priced around 35-45 Rupees per kg. Don’t apply it directly to the soil, because ants like the same, they will take it. To avoid this you can use a simple method.

fertilizer preparation

How to use Groundnut cake fertilizer for plants?

Take a kg of peanut cake, you’ll get it in dried form. Add some water and keep the same for 2-3 days. After 2-3 days you can take that and mix it with 1-2 times water and apply it to veggies or any plants that you wish. You can use this once a week, this is very good for the health of veggies. Some other tips for getting better yield from your kitchen garden, we have many zero-cost options like an onion peel, banana peel, egg shells, etc.

Is groundnut cake good for plants?

Groundnut cake is a great fertilizer as it promotes healthy growth of the plant and provides lush, velvety leaves and a high yield.

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