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Grow Coconut Tree For More/High Yield | How To Treat, Prevent Diseases In Coconut Tree

coconut tree yield

Growing and planting a Coconut Tree For More Yield

If you’re watched a video already made on Growing and planting a Coconut Tree. This is the next part on; How To Get Higher Yield From Coconut Trees. Follow this complete video to know How simple is!

How To Get Higher Yield From Coconut Trees

To get a higher yield in coconut trees you’ve to do the only thing that are a pest, disease control, and fertilizer application. Sometimes it may depend on the variety. Because there are several varieties available in coconut trees.

Coconut Tree Climatic Condition

If you’re planting coconut in the ground, it’s all about location. Look for a spot with loose, well-draining, sandy soil that receives full sun all day. If you’re in a low-lying area, it’s best to create a bed for your coconut which improves drainage.

How to Treat Pests And Diseases of Coconut Trees?

Though pretty easy to plant, coconut palms are a bit trickier to maintain. These tropical towers are prone to many different types of diseases.

LETHAL YELLOW is the coconut palm’s most common disease. Indeed, it’s what’s been plaguing native and commercial coconut trees up the Florida coast. Its symptoms include causing coconut trees to turn yellow, dropping fruit, and a slow dying process

coconut tree yield

How To Prevent Lethal Yellowing?

Particularly if you live in the danger zone for it; you can try planting various coconut trees resistant to disease, like the Malayan Dwarf. Otherwise, you can try treating it with antibiotics. Or else an effective way of prevention is by planting resistant varieties of the coconut palm.

Another annoyance for the coconut palms is FUNGAL BUD ROT. This turns leaves gray or spotty, while the buds shrivel, turn yellow, and drop, producing a nasty smell. You’ll typically notice this pesky problem just after heavy rain, or if your coconut palm’s soil isn’t draining well.

How To Treat Bud Rot On A Coconut Tree?

Remove all the affected tissue of the crown region and drench the crown with Copper oxychloride 0.25%. Apply Bordeaux paste and protect it from rain till a normal shoot emerges. (Dissolve 100 gm of copper sulfate and 100 gm of quick lime each in 500ml. water separately and mix to form 1 liter of Bordeaux paste).

coconut tree bed

Which Fertilizer is Best For More Yield in Coconut Trees?

Coconut trees need to be fertilized, which have the highest potassium, followed by nitrogen, phosphorus, and chlorine, but care must be taken to balance the fertilizer. NPK is recommended for hybrid Coconut in coastal areas.

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