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Agriculture Ropeway Transport System

Agriculture Ropeway Transport

Cableway Transport System for Agriculture

While farmers are facing a shortage of laborers, a progressive farmer near Paivalike in the Kasargod district has installed a ropeway that helps him transport farm produce from the elevated area of his farmland to the yard of his house. This is particularly useful as labor problems continue to haunt the agriculture sector.

The coastal districts and Kasargod district in Kerala geographically consist of land that is uneven. The houses of farmers are generally in elevated areas and the farmland will be at a depth of 50 to 100 feet. This makes the work of taking manure, and fertilizer down to the farm as well as bringing the product up towards the veranda of the house very tedious.

Mahabala Prasad Bhat Beedubailu, progressive farmer and resident of Beedubailu near Perla has found a unique solution for this issue. Bhat has introduced a ropeway to transport the manure to the farm as well as bring the produce from the farm to the veranda of the house.

How does Ropeway Transport work in Agriculture?

This ropeway connects the house and farm of Mahabala Prasad. Things with more than 35-kilo weight also can be easily transported through this ropeway. Some parts are required to manufacture this ropeway. But Mahabala Prasad and his brother have successfully implemented the same on his farm.

He has seen this kind of system in agriculture workshops at putter. He came back from there and discussed it with his brother. Then they decided to make it on their farm. His brother did all the construction work. The ropeway has been built with the help of two wheels, clamps, springs, stainless steel cables, and a borewells iron casing pipe. He had purchased an 8-mm thick stainless steel cable for the ropeway.

At first, they dug a big hole at the top, I mean near his house and at the lower portion, that is at his farm. then they buried borewell iron casing pipe on that holes & they tightened it by concrete. then they fixed the cable tightly to both poles. On the bottom side, they installed a spring system on the cable. It is just to absorb pressure, which is generated by the load. Now, at the top, they installed an electric motor system.

The motor shaft has been welded with the wheel. one cable is connected to the motor wheel, which is coming from the carrier cart. While the motor is turned on, the shaft wheel will rotate. at that time cable will roll up on the shaft wheel. So it will pull up the load in the cart.

This Farmer has installed a speed regulating system and braking system too. When you are carrying a load down, no need to turn on the pump, electricity is not required. it works with gravitational force. It works with that simple principle.

Ropeway Transport Setup Cost

This whole system costs around 25,000. Nearly 50 percent of effort and time is saved through this method. Mahabala Prasad Bhat is urging other farmers also to make use of the same equipment. It works really well on the slope. If you want to do this system in the level area, you need to keep the motor on both sides.

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