Farm House: Earn 1 Lakh Per Month From 1 Acre of Agriculture Land

Integrated Farm House Planning

If you follow a similar plan on your farm, you can definitely earn at least 10 lakh per year in just a 1-acre land farm. At the same time, you can secure your future and have peaceful life too. You will understand the complete plan only if you watch this video till the end. Follow the same step-by-step procedure.

We designed this farm-based on environmental and soil conditions in our area. So you can’t adapt the same crops given in this design. But you can replicate the same plant by changing crops as per your environmental conditions and soil type and availability of water. You can choose the best suitable crops by analyzing your area. But keep this plan as a blueprint for your farm.

In agriculture, monoculture is the practice where a single crop or livestock is growing on an entire farm. There is always the fear of loss. If you adopt integrated farming, then there is less risk of loss. You will get profit from one or another plan.

Here we designed 1 acre Agriculture Farm. You can replicate the same plan for any size of farm. It can be 2 acres or 10 acres. And here land is in square shape. But your farm may not be in a square shape, Nothing to worry about. You can change dimensions as per your requirement.

You can’t do this complete farm at once. There is 4 step by step procedures and it will take at least 5 years to complete the entire project. So keep that in mind. Follow the guidelines step by step procedure. Before that, let’s see the Final result otherwise it’s difficult to understand the entire process.

Final Result (How to earn 1 lakh Per month from just 1 Acre of Agriculture Land?)

1 acre means 43560 square feet. The square root of 43560 is 208.71. So we took 208 Feet as sides.

After buying land, the first thing you have to do is making a compound. Then only You can protect the entire farm from predators and thieves. Make a strong brick Compound of at least 10 feet in height. If you want, do solar fencing above the compound. That will give much more protection to your farm.

Next, arrange water for your farm. You can make a pond, well or bor well. Make bor well only if there is no water. It doesn’t spoil land, but still, Ethically it wasn’t right. Install a solar pump system to irrigate the farm. Keep one tank at the top portion of your farm, to store water. Keep the water tank at the top of the house. So that we can irrigate the entire farm with the help of mother earth gravitational energy. Adopt a drip irrigation system. Because it helps to give a sufficient amount of water effectively.

Starting from the gate, We will make 10 feet wide road to our home. At both sides of the road, we plant flower plants and medicinal plants. There’s good market value for both medicinal plants and flowers. On both sides of the road, we plant coconut trees. That should be planted 7 feet away from the road with 15 feet of distance. Because coconut leaves are huge and they keep on falling. Better to plant only 8 – 15 coconut trees. Because it was not much profitable but produce enough for personal consumption.

Here we can make 32 by 32 feet house Comfortably. That means it will be around 1000 Square feet. Build the 2nd floor too, So that house will be of 2000 Square feet house. That is more than enough for 4 membered families. Produce Electricity from the solar system. Use a solar water heater too. In remaining roof develop Terrace gardening.

Inside the compound build a green fence. That means fencing with profitable plants. The green fence will give extra protection and small income too. On all sides, grow plants with thorns, like citrus trees. The entire year, They will give fruits. Below that, grow shade-loving thorn plants, like pineapple. along with that, you can grow commercial trees like teak, mahogany, or sandalwood. You will get huge profit in future. Keep 10 feet for this on all sides. Here we make, Goat, Cow, chicken, and duck shed. Next planning to rear sheep with goats and Buffaloes with cows. Here we make a pig shed. Don’t grow big trees at the sides of sheds. They may trouble you while constructing sheds.

Make all the sheds with terrace roof. So that you can do terrace gardening. Build a storeroom too with a terrace to dry Arecanut. You can do Terrace gardening in both sheds and house roofs. RearING beetle goats are the best option. Because it’s one of the best multipurpose goat breeds. Rear gir cows, as they produce good quality A2 milk. Murrah is the best buffalo breed and Suffolk is the best sheep breed. Start Layer chickens like vanaraja or Kadaknath chickens. They’re really easy to rear. Raise Khaki ducks, Because They lay maximum eggs.

farm house

Use Goat, Pig, buffalo, sheep, chicken, and duck manures as fertilizer for all crops

Use cow manure and Buffalo manure to make biogas. Actually, Cattle manures produce Methane gas. It is the main reason for ozone depletion. If you use that gas for cooking purposes, then we can eliminate methane emissions from our farm. And you can produce electricity from Biogas. Biogas slurry can be used as manure for plants.

These dotted lines show fencing. Make 10 feet wire mesh fencing. It has a good shelf life. You can paint it for longer shelf life. Keep gates wherever it is required.

Do not allow goats, cows, buffaloes, sheep, and pigs to enter fodder farms. If they enter, then they may spoil fodder. But allow ducks and chicken to go that side. Develop free-range animal farming. Because they live happily. You can also grow Super Nepiar 20 grass. That is excellent fodder for dairy animals. They grow 15 feet in height in 60 days. It helps to increase the productivity of milk and improves the health of cattle.

This is a vermicompost system. You can convert the entire farm’s organic waste into fertilizer with the help of earthworms. This fertilizer can be used for many crops.

Here we made a pond for ducks. Ducks enjoy being in the water. you can add Azolla also. It is natural to feed to ducks and chickens. Make sure ducks pond should allow ducks to come out comfortably.

Make a 20 by 20 feet pond. In that pond, you can grow Azolla. That is also an excellent feed for poultries and livestock. They grow within 7 days. If you planning of fish farm, then you shouldn’t allow ducks inside this pond. It’s good if you do not allow ducks into this pond. Azolla is one of the good feed for fishes too.

Arecanut Farm

Arecanut will be one of the best commercial crops in our area. Grow Sumangala variety of Arecanut plants. Because it gives more yield and they start yielding at the age of 3. Plant it at 9 feet by 9 feet distance. That is sufficient for areca nut plants. Grow around 100 areca nut plants here. However one can earn at least 7-8 lakh rupees from 100 Sumangala areca nut trees. We can grow Cocoa, black pepper, vanilla, and banana as intercrop in between areca nuts. They’re all shade-loving crops and they help to produce extra income. Grow moringa tree, wherever it’s possible. because moringa tree leaves produce Nitrogen in the soil. This is how we can produce soil nitrogen naturally. Moringa trees will give beans too. You can use moringa leaves and beans for cooking.

Grow commercial trees

Commercial trees like to grow Teak wood, sandalwood, mahogany, jackfruit, and mango trees. They can be sold at a really high price. As you know, farmers don’t get a pension at their old age. These trees are like insurance for their future. You won’t get immediate returns with these trees. Grow the Siddha jackfruit tree, they produce so many Jackfruits and all-season thai mango plants. So we can enjoy delicious jackfruit and mango all year round. We kept honey bee hive boxes here. but you can keep it anywhere. It will produce honey and it helps in the pollination of flowers. So it helps to increase productivity in the entire farm. We can earn money by selling honey and wax.

Pig shed

Pigs like to rear Yorkshire pigs. This is the best pig breed. And it is one of the most profitable businesses.

Fruits farm

Plant exotic fruit plants like dragon fruit, Rambutan, Strawberry, cherry, etc.

Betel leaf Farming

This is one of the popular crops in South India. If you plant once, then you can harvest leaves year-round. And there is a huge market also. It doesn’t require extra care. If you do it in 5 cents, then you can earn almost 30,000₹ per month.

Medicinal herbs and Vegetables

There is huge market demand for medicinal plants. Try to grow vegetables with a Vertical aquaponic system. Aquaponics means growing plants and vegetables together and they provide nutrients for each other. If you grow veggies in a Vertical system, then you can grow more food in a small area.

This is a greenhouse. Inside you can control environmental conditions as per your requirement. That means you can grow vegetables or anything all year round. If you do a big greenhouse, then, You can do vertical farming and aquaponics inside the greenhouse. That costs much, so this is enough for me. And it looks good. Do aquaponics and vertical hydroponics inside the greenhouse.

It’s difficult to execute this plan at once. It requires a huge investment. So we can’t execute this at once. Even if you have money, it’s difficult to do at once.

Farm house land design

How to Start Integrated Farm House Planning

Step 1: Don’t invest money in dead objects means not invest in House first. Because it’s zero returns investment.

At first, you have to make a compound and arrange water for your farm. Then make a small temporary shed for living. It can be built at the place of Duck shed. Don’t invest more in it. That shed can be used for living and to store any farm-related things. Even farm workers can be accommodated there.

Then clean the entire farm and do vegetable farming. Grow different types of veggies in the traditional method. This technique will help us to improve the soil quality of the entire farm. If you do vegetable farming, then you’ll get returns in a short duration. You can earn money in a small interval of time. Here we mentioned vegetable farming in blue color.

farming plan 1

Step 2: In the second year, plant green fencing plants, commercial plants, Arecanut, coconut, cocoa plants, fruit plants, moringa plants and start beetle leaf farming. Keep beehives too. This requires very little investment. invest first years returns to arrange all these things and continue doing vegetable farming in the remaining area. We have shown utilized area by pink color.

farming plan 2

Step 3: The third step is mentioned in Yellow color. In the third year starting from Greenhouse. Make aquaponics and hydroponics systems. Next start a chicken farming business. Make Azolla pond too. Plant black pepper plants in areca nut farm.

Start goat, pig, sheep, buffalo, and cow farming in 4th year. Because all areca nut, coconut, commercial trees, fruit trees require at least 2 years to grow high. If we start rearing cows and goats earlier, then they may eat our all plants. So give 2 years to grow for all those trees. Now you can start terrace gardening in sheds roof. Start making biogas, Nepiar grass farming and vermicompost. now the entire farm is almost set.

farming plan 3

Step 4: In the 5th year, you start getting returns from almost all crops and animals. So now start building your dream home. Build an entire house without any loan. Then remove the shed and start duck farming at that place. Then start vegetable farming at your Terrace.

Now onwards you don’t have anything to invest. We can earn at least 10 – 15 lakh rupees every year, and we can live a peaceful life. Even our animals live happily by roaming on the entire farm. Goats, cows, and pigs, sheep, buffaloes can graze in entire commercial tree farms and areca nut farms.

This farm consists of immediate returns crops, seasonal crops, and crops for the future too. You can harvest commercial trees after 20 – 25 years and you can earn in crores from those trees.

This farm doesn’t require electricity, there are zero wastes come out of your farm and it is entirely self-sustainable and eco-friendly.

Hope you like this plan. Execute this plan on your farm by adapting the best suitable crops for your environmental conditions.

farming plan 4

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