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modern goat shed

High tech Goat Farm

Now let’s discuss, one of the amazing modern goat’s sheds. This shed was built by the KPN Roofing shed company. This is a modern goat shed located in the Tumkur district of Karnataka. They did this shed for BEB Company in Karnataka. KPN Roofing shed is already built 60 goat sheds all over south India.

Where is this Modern Goat Shed located?

This is 3080 square feet shed. Its length is 154 feet & width is 20 feet. This is sufficient to rear 150 to 160 goats. This is located in a forest area. This shed should protect goats from wild predators. So they covered the complete shed with powerful rods. They designed this shed with a one-sided partition system. Total 11 partitions are there.

Each partition is equipped with a door, feeder, drinker tray and it has a water line system from the overhead water tank. They can keep 15 goats in each partition. They used high-quality Bhushan steel materials and JSW sheets to build this shed. So it has a long shelf life. Even small screw or nut bolts are also made with good quality materials.


High-tech Goat Shed specifications

Sheets are extended 2.5ft outside on all sides. It is sufficient to protect the shed from rainwater. They don’t want to sacrifice the quality of the shed. The complete shed was joined bolt and nut system.

So that in the future you can extend or relocate this shed effortlessly. Usually, they build sheds in an east-west direction. 1 coat primer and 1 coat paint to sheet, polls, and all-metal materials.

The shed floor was made with UV-coated plastic slates. Here its used 1 feet by 2 feet high-quality plastic slates.

KPN Roofing shed take projects based on Square feet. They do 70% of work at the company itself, and the remaining 30% of work is done on-site itself. Customers have to provide electricity to work and accommodation for 6 to 10 workers.

They will give free consultancy to their customers too. In this sense, they will guide you on each and every step of goat farming. Also will give complete information’s on goat farming, guide you on selecting goat breeds and from where to buy the best quality goats etcetera.

If you need more information, please do contact KPN Roofing shed. Also, you can watch the video.

For more information’s, Contact:
Mobile: 09788 770786
Tell: 0431-2660786

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People also ask

A simple and small shed can be built with the unit is priced at Rs. 1 lakh

The walls across the width of the house on both sides need to be closed up to roof height maintain the green vegetation. And greenery all around the shed adjacent to the goat.

Best and most profitable Indian goat breeds:

  • Beetal Goat
  • Black Bengal Goat
  • Jamnapari Goat
  • Sirohi Goat
  • Gaddi Goat

Normally, 500 goats can be raised in ten acres of land including shed construction area. If you are plan in small-scale, for 50 goats it requires 1 acre of land.

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