Agriculture Career Options: BSc/MSc Agriculture Jobs


Agriculture Jobs options – There is a lot of career option available in the agricultural field, Let’s discuss one by one.

1. Horticultural Engineering

In the private area agriculture, horticulture science graduates may go after the job of supervisor at ranches, fabricating firms, hardware enterprises, food handling units, and agrarian items promoting firms.

Horticultural Engineering helps in planning, fabricating, and bettering cultivating gear, hardware, and assembling cycles to build the effectiveness of cultivating exercises.

The emphasis is on 5 primary regions for example ranch gear, country structures, soil protection, waste and water system, and provincial power. Farming Engineers additionally visit work locales to guarantee that their gear and cycles are working appropriately.

Job Opportunities in Agricultural Engineering :

You can give consultancy administrations to different private and government associations on apparatus to be bought, organizing of ranches, and recommend options in contrast to conventional strategy and strategies.

In organizations fabricating horticultural hardware, you can work under different offices like Design, Research and Development, Maintenance, and so on
As a Rural Practice Surveyor, you can likewise give vital and down-to-earth information to ranchers or different customers with respect to provincial land and property.
Another energizing territory where you could work is growing new strategies for bioenergy creation like biofuel from rural waste or green growth and soil preservation.

2. Cultivation

Agriculture is a field that can assist you with accomplishing that fantasy. Agriculture is the study of developing and developing organic products, vegetables, spices, elaborate trees, and ornamental blossoms.

Horticulturists target improving the quality, development, healthy benefit, and yield of their produce. They likewise work to look after nurseries, nurseries, plantations, and estates, and so forth

Horticulture Agriculture Jobs:

With a degree in this field, you can investigate vocations like turning into a Floriculturist (developing blossoms), Floriculturist (developing vegetables), Landscaping (planning and keeping up business or private gardens and stops), Viticulturist (developing grapes), Pomologist (developing organic products), and so on.

You can likewise get into the exploration field as a Horticulture Scientist and add to the advancement of new and better techniques for development.
You can likewise begin your own agriculture business or nursery and develop blossoms, organic products, vegetables, and so on for business purposes.

3. Dairy Technology

Dairy Technology is a field fundamentally worried about the creation and handling of milk in agriculture.

Experts in this field deal with the creation of milk, including its assortment and capacity, and regulate its handling to make the milk fit for utilization.

They likewise center around exercises like the bundling, stockpiling, and dispersion of milk and its side effects, and guarantee that healthful and quality guidelines are met.

Agriculture Jobs in Dairy Technology :

In the wake of seeking after a B-Tech in Dairy Technology, you can work with dairy organizations like Amul, Verka, Paras, and so on as a Dairy Supervisor and be responsible for dairy creation and directing the day by day activities.

You could likewise attempt to make key collusions, organizations with different organizations, and joint endeavors to extend business. Government research establishments like the IARI, additionally utilize experts as Dairy Scientists to lead and propel innovative work in this field.

4. Poultry Farming

It includes raising homegrown fowls like chickens and ducks for securing their meat and eggs.

Lion’s share of the poultry ranches is engaged with raising chickens because of their wide utilization both for eggs (Layer chickens) and meat (Broiler chickens).

People in this field need to deal with a scope of assorted exercises like shed administration, feed supply, healthful guidelines of the produce, transportation of the items, and so on

Poultry Farming Agriculture Jobs

In the wake of seeking after this field, you can secure positions in incubation centers, drug organizations, feed mill operators, veterinary clinics, feed investigation labs as a Poultry Farm Manager, Breeder, Hatchery Assistant, Production Technologist, Feeding Technologist, Poultry House Designer, Processing Technologist, and so forth

5. Fisheries Science

This region of study manages to understand the standards of development and collecting of fish on a business premise in freshwater, salty (saline) water, or any marine climate.

It likewise centers around contemplating the life, propensities, and rearing of different types of fish. Study in this field causes understudies to become familiar with all new strategies for raising fish through non-characteristic methods and how they can be rationed and shipped securely.

Profession Opportunities in Fisheries Science :

Graduates in this field can discover Agriculture Jobs openings with different managers including state and local government offices, scholarly organizations, and fish ranches. Government offices and industry associations select for positions like – Aquaculture Farmer, Shellfish Culturist, Hatchery Technician, Biological Science Technician, Fish Research Assistant, and so on.

Agriculture Jobs

6. Agronomy

Agronomists create strategies that help to improve the utilization of soil and increment the creation of yields. They direct exploration in different territories like the rebuilding of soil richness, arrangement of good seedbeds, right dates of planting, legitimate techniques for preservation, the executives of soil dampness, and appropriate strategies to control weeds and bugs.

Agriculture Jobs Opportunities in Agronomy :

You can turn into a Plant Scientist or Soil Scientist and work with the exploration branch of the Ministry of Agriculture or Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) to test the ripeness of the dirt and conditions appropriate for the ranch.

In the creation and counseling area, you would need to give exhortation on the buy and offer of harvests and the exchanging of farming merchandise, and so forth.
The work additionally ranges from District Sales Manager for seed organizations, Crop Consultants for agro-based organizations, just as manure and synthetic salespersons.

Pros of a Career in Agronomy :

  • Since the quantity of people seeking after this course is as yet restricted, with the correct kind of schooling and preparing, you can be in incredible interest in the work market.
  • Experts in the field will work in research facilities which may be an alluring workplace for a few.


  • The positions of agronomists and rural researchers additionally include fieldwork in ranches, which can be repetitive and hard for some.
  • The compensations are normal.

7. Horticulture Economics

It includes the use of the standards of Economics the rural business. Experts in this agriculture field are occupied with anticipating market patterns, observing exchange (import and fare) designs, shopper inclinations, and creation techniques for horticultural products.

They additionally break down the interest and supply of different agro items and help in deciding their cost. You can pick your subject matter in this field, similar to harvest and animals sciences, strategy investigation, credit examination, worldwide exchange, agribusiness, and so forth

Agriculture Jobs in Agricultural Economics

Jobs possibilities for Agriculture Economists range from working in horticultural banks as Credit Analysts or Agricultural Loan Officers in supporting advances to ranchers.
You could likewise function as an author for magazines, exchange diaries or papers, and distribute articles identifying with rural exploration, how the rural market works, patterns sought after and supply of different horticultural products, their value conduct, and so on.

You can likewise seek after your Ph.D. and become a speaker in this field.
Aside from this, Agricultural Economists likewise work with the public authority to gather and dissect agrarian information and insights to distinguish patterns and make forecasts for the rural market.

Agriculture Career Jobs

8. Agri-Business the executives

This field includes the administration of all the business perspectives identified with agribusiness. It incorporates dealing with exercises identifying with the assembling and appropriation of homestead hardware and supplies; preparing, capacity, and advancement of food, fiber, and related rural items, and so on.

Experts in this field are needed to fabricate a connection between the ranch and non-ranch areas for the smooth development of provisions.

Agriculture Jobs in Agri-Business Management

In the wake of seeking after this field, you could investigate agriculture jobs in agribusiness firms, horticultural advertising offices, food preparing organizations, and retail enterprises.
You could function as an Agribusiness Marketing Coordinator and be answerable for dealing with the advertising and deals of agro-items.

You could likewise be a Quality Controller to guarantee that the nature of the items bought and created is as per norms. Business Planning Manager, Business Development Executive, and Agricultural Analyst are additionally a portion of the work jobs in this field.

9. Farming Biotechnology

This field includes understanding and applying a mix of logical strategies like hereditary designing, atomic diagnostics, antibodies, and tissue culture to adjust plants, creatures, and miniature organic entities.

It permits reproducers to make enhancements to yields and animals by recognizing and adjusting certain qualities. It is likewise utilized for expanding milk creation, forestalling and treating creature infections, and growing better methods of preparing food.

Profession Opportunities in Agricultural Biotechnology

This field can give you professional openings in compound organizations and agro-based assembling organizations.
The major profile could be as a Product Development Scientist, who is occupied with regulating and controlling the exercises identifying with assembling items like seeds, pesticides, bug sprays, and so forth.

You can likewise work in the innovative work division of such organizations or foundations like IARI and contribute to the thinking of new cycles for improving existing agro items or growing new and better quality products.

Pros of a Career in Agricultural Biotechnology

  • A person in the field has various freedoms and possibilities for getting work since agrarian biotechnology is a cutting-edge field.
  • Experts in the field will work in research centers which may be an alluring workplace for a few.
  • It very well may be a palatable vocation since the exploration and work of rural biotechnologists can improve the nature of food crops and take care of worldwide food issues.


  • There is the capability of openness to perilous substances at work.
  • The pay rates are normal.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Clinical research coordinator
Natural sciences manager
Water resource specialist
Environmental engineer.
Water/Wastewater engineer.
Agricultural engineer.
Farm manager.
Food scientist.
Buyer and purchasing agent.
Zoologist / Wildlife biologist.

Agriculture Career is one of the largest industries and a good source of self-employment across the country. The main objective is the efficient production of quality resources in the agricultural-food industry and on the farm linked to the farming.

Environmental scientist.
Agricultural specialist.
Operations manager.
Agronomy manager.
Agribusiness manager.

The top courses are BSc and MSc Agriculture. In BSc agriculture, it includes furthermore category like BSc Agriculture, Genetic Plant Breeding, Agriculture Economics and Farm Management, Animal Husbandry, Forestry, Soil and water management, Horticulture, Agriculture and Food Business.

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