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Soil-Based Vertical Turmeric Farming System | A S Agri And Aqua LLP

soil based vertical farming

The Need for Hi-Tech Soil-Based Vertical Farming

With the global population growing at unprecedented levels, feeding such a vast amount of people becomes a difficult task, especially since we are continuously losing fertile and arable lands to urbanization.
India, presently the second-most populous country in the world is projected to become the first within this decade. With a dramatic rise in population and urbanization and industrialization, the burden on the agricultural infrastructure continues to grow. Vertical Farming can be an efficient solution to these challenges. In the same way, this post is on soil-based vertical farming of turmeric.

AS Agri and Aqua LLP

AS Agri and Aqua LLP, Founded by Dr. Prashant Govindrao Jadhe, is one of India’s leading Agriculture Development and Agro-tech Solutions company in India. They are transforming and revolutionizing the agricultural ecosystem with the introduction of Hi-tech Soil-Based Vertical and Horizontal Farming in India and overseas countries.

AS Agri and Aqua LLP, founded in March 2018, is widely recognized as a pioneer in Hi-tech Soil-Based Vertical Farming in India. The company is led by 10 hardworking and dedicated professionals from different industries who have come together to fulfill their common goal of promoting innovative agricultural practices and ensuring that the Indian farmer lives a sustainable, self-sufficient, and independent lifestyle.

The company has also launched a new cluster project recently. They are inviting investors for 1 guntha (101.17 square meters (sq m), 121 square yards (sq yd), or 1,089 square feet (sq ft).) horizontal farming and 1.2 guntha vertical farming. It’s an opportunity to earn ₹12,500 to ₹50,000 per month for 20 years.

AS AGRI AND AQUA LLP, held a grand inauguration ceremony for a vertical farming project in Nagpur, Maharashtra, with Union Minister Nitin Gadkari as the Chief Guest.
Recently A S Agri and Aqua has been awarded as India’s Most Admirable Brand by the Brand Story. For making an immense contribution to transforming the Agriculture sector, Chairman Dr. Prashant Jadhe was also recognized as one of the Leading Icons of Maharashtra by Saam TV. Along with that, he was also awarded the Saam TV Global Achievers Award 2022 in Dubai – a testimony of Dr. Prashant Jadhe and A S AGRI AND AQUA LLP’s sustained efforts and commitment towards lifting up the farmers of the country.

Hi-Tech Soil-Based Vertical Turmeric Farming

AS AGRI AND AQUA LLP – Pioneer of Hi-tech Soil-Based Vertical Farming in India

Vertical Farming is a ground-breaking agricultural practice. While Vertical Farming is already present in India, it is of the Hydroponic and Aquaponic kind and has several limitations, including the restriction of crop varieties.

AS Agri and Aqua LLP, owing to its consistent focus on scientific research and development, has become a pioneer in Hi-Tech Soil Based Vertical Farming with 40-60 times the higher yield per acre.
This Hi-Tech Soil-Based Vertical Farming Technology is also recognized and certified by Assist World Records as the first of its kind in the world.

With Soil-based Vertical Farming, the risks posed by pests and changing weather patterns can be eliminated. Moreover, Soil-based technology also ensures a significantly higher yield in terms of quality and quantity while requiring 85 % less water, 85 % less labor, and 99 % less land.

AS Agri and Aqua LLP’s journey has begun with a motive to develop the technologically underdeveloped turmeric farming sector. It has now been expanded to include working on its mission of improving the overall lifestyle and living standards of Indian farmers and building a sustainable future. Beginning with successfully producing high-quality turmeric in vertical farming poly houses, the company has now proven its expertise in producing a wide range of crops through soil-based technology, including essentials such as soybean, groundnut, tomato, strawberry, and many more crops!

You can also be a part of this new hi-tech farming revolution and earn excellent ROI. The company is offering you a chance to invest in its 1 guntha horizontal farming and 1.2 guntha vertical farming cluster projects and earn up to ₹50,000 per month for up to 20 years.

Advantages of Hi-Tech Soil-Based Vertical Farming:

Year-Round Quality Produce.
40-60 times more yield per acre.
Controlled Environment.
Less Carbon Footprint.
Elimination of Agricultural Runoff.
Abandoned or unused properties can be utilized.
Reduced Risk from Pests and Changing Weather Patterns.
Extremely Minimal Chances of Crop Failure.
Sustainable Production for Urban Centres.
Save 85 % Water, 85 % Labour, and 99 % Land.

With their vast know-how and expertise, AS AGRI AND AQUA LLP have also been involved in conducting regular training programs and workshops to create awareness and help the farmers understand the benefits of Hi-tech soil-based Vertical Farming.

Along with hi-tech Soil-based Vertical Farming, AS AGRI AND AQUA LLP also deal with providing turnkey solutions in sectors such as Aquaculture and Fish Farming, Contract Farming, Turmeric Trading, Healthcare, and Food Supplements, Rural Digital Connectivity, and other developmental projects and schemes.

AS AGRI AND AQUA LLP Goal for the Future:

AS Agri and Aqua LLP has certain goals for the future – one where they fully transform the technologically stagnant Indian agriculture ecosystem through innovation and development. The company also aims to partner with the government and national and international organizations to formulate, develop, and enhance agriculture in India with advancements in technology.

AS Agri and Aqua LLP strongly believe that by bringing development to the Agricultural sector, they will be able to transform it into a rich and vibrant sector, ensure viable income for the Indian farmers, improve the value of farmers in the market, and ultimately, turn the farmer community into an independent, happy, and proud one.
At its core, A S AGRI AND AQUA LLP is on a mission to create a greener, sustainable, and self-sufficient future through innovation and technology.

Great and successful companies are born from small ideas and big dreams. The story of A S AGRI AND AQUA LLP emerges out of one such dream by a visionary – Dr. Prashant Govindrao Jadhe – who witnessed technological stagnation in India’s largest yet most overlooked sector, Agriculture and Aquaculture.

AS Agri and Aqua LLP is one of the leading Agriculture Development companies in India, known for being a pioneer of Hi-tech Soil-Based Vertical Farming in the country. Backed by years of experience, the company aims to revolutionize traditional Indian agriculture and turn it into a vibrant, profitable, and sustainable sector. AS Agri and Aqua LLP has its head office located in Thane, Maharashtra, and has a pan-India and across the globe.

If you wish to join the company in this mission and also make money, you can invest in their 1 Guntha Horizontal Farming and 1.2 Guntha Vertical Farming projects that are now available nationwide.
It gives you the opportunity to earn from ₹12,500 up to ₹50,000 on a monthly basis for 20 whole years.


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