Discover Agriculture Integrated Farming,Livestock Farming Donkey Farming: Donkey milk is being sold for Rs 7000 per liter..!

Donkey Farming: Donkey milk is being sold for Rs 7000 per liter..!

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Is Donkey Farming Profitable?

The ‘donkey’ still stands as a symbol of humiliation, despite the difficulty of crossing the difficult path and the ability to remember the same paths and find his master in any crowd. When addressing someone as a ‘donkey’ in a mocking manner, remember that there is no other animal that is superior to a donkey. To know more about donkey farming read the full post.

Donkeys that touch each other and enjoy the creativity of nature are a perfect example of symbiotic love. It is very sad that we do not find a market for donkey milk that is as nutritious as breast milk and do not use donkeys as a ‘farming animal’.

Donkey Farming Milk Benefits

Donkey’s milk is rich in vitamins A, B, B1, B12, C, and E. Therefore, it is also important for good immunity. It is also used as a cosmetic. The use of donkey’s milk is good for increasing skin radiance and eliminating wrinkles associated with aging.

Donkey’s milk contains many nutrients and minerals that help digestion. Donkey’s milk is a great remedy for fatigue, asthma, respiratory problems, abdominal pain, eye pain, and so on. Donkey milk can also be given to children as it contains as many nutrients as breast milk. It should be noted that donkey milk does not cause any allergies.

Donkey’s milk should not be boiled like other milk. Can be stored in refrigerators for up to a year. Donkey milk-based cosmetics are highly valued in the market. But these are at the forefront in terms of quality maintaining stain the skin’s natural radiance and, Also an excellent remedy for all skin ailments.

Are donkeys high maintenance?

Donkeys are low maintenance in farming. Although similar in appearance to the horse, they are on two levels in nature. Donkeys are widely known for their calm demeanor. They prefer to graze in herds in the meadows. The donkey’s favorite is the finely chopped fodder. Apples and pineapples are a good source of nutrients for lactating and pregnant donkeys.

They do not bite like other animals after feeding. The donkey has only one chamber in the digestive system, just like a human. A balanced diet consisting of corn bran and rice bran is good for donkey health. The donkey’s stomach can hold up to nine liters of water. The donkey is a highly immune animal.

Donkey milk is very nutritious and highly expensive. It has got huge demand among health-conscious people.


How do you care for a donkey?

Significant care is essential in donkey breeding. The gestation period is 13-14 months. Female donkeys reach maturity at the age of three months. Female donkeys are more valuable in the market. Always chewing mouth and parallel hind legs are considered to be enough signs. The donkey can be weaned on the twentieth day after calving. Milk should be taken into consideration for their health.

Donkeys should be given breast milk for at least one month after calving. 100 ml can cost up to Rs.1000 in the market. Donkey dung is excellent organic manure. Like donkey milk, donkey dung is in high demand. Recognizing the infinite possibilities of the donkey, a symbol of innocence, will enable us to reach the larger world of business.

From being belittled as just a beast of burden, the humble donkey now has multiple uses, bringing in riches to its rearers.

How much does donkey milk cost?

Donkey’s milk costs Rs. 2000 to 7000  per kg. However, this milk has health benefits and others as well. Therefore donkey farming is a profitable agriculture business.

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Successful Donkey Farmer

Karnataka’s first donkey farm at Parladka village in Ira gram panchayat, 37 km from Mangaluru, is all set to prove that it is a highly profitable business.

“Donkey’s milk fetches Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000 per liter, urine Rs 500 to Rs 600 per liter, and donkey dung (as organic manure) Rs 600 to Rs 700 per kg,” said Srinivas Gowda of Aisiri Farm, which has added donkey farming to its existing ‘Kadaknath’ (Jet black Indian breed of chicken), sheep and goat farming.

Techie-turned-passionate dairy farmer Srinivas Gowda says his donkey farming is for the masses.

Hailing from a family of farmers in Kanakapura of Ramanagar district, Srinivas Gowda dreams of making it big in farming.

Srinivas decided to set up a dairy, inspired by Dr. R N Sreenivas Gowda, former chairman of the National Research Centre on Equines and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

Sreenivas (donkey farmer) Experience

According to Sreenivas Gowda – “I have been campaigning in favor of donkey farming after NRCE’s survey revealed a drastic 61.2% decline in donkeys (now its population is 1.2 lakh)”.

“Significant care is the key in donkey farming. I get seven lakh to eight liters of milk daily from 12 female donkeys (each female donkey yields less than half a liter of milk). The drive of donkeys also includes seven calves and a male. Apart from conservation, Srinivas intends to provide free training to youth in donkey farming and make them self-employed,”.

“When I planned to start donkey farming, there was a lot of criticism. Many people made fun of us. However, a donkey is a living being. We call them Jack and Jennet (male and female),” Gowda says. He also intends to supply donkey’s milk to people.

“Donkey’s milk has medicinal value. A 30ml milk packet costs Rs 150 and by next month, we will supply it to supermarkets, malls, and shops,” he says. Gowda also intends to sell donkey’s milk for beauty products and says he has received orders worth Rs 17 lakh.

After years of research, Srinivas found donkey breeds from Gujarat (Halari) and Andhra Pradesh as ideal for his farm spread over 2.5 acres.

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