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Integrated Poultry, Goat farming, and Coconut plantation

In today’s environment, increasing demand for meat in rural and urban areas can help small and part-time farmers earn good profits by trading with chicken, goat, and sheep farming. Here we’re showing an integrated goat and poultry farming shed of 35 ft width, and 50 ft length.

Also, coconut plantations grew. The coconut tree provides a shaded atmosphere for livestock. Try to choose hybrid coconut varieties, so that they benefit from producing higher coconut yields.

Commercial Goat Farming Business

Rearing goats is a profitable business. Currently, goat farming has become a profitable business and requires a very low investment due to its multi-functional utility. Also, the commercial goat farming business is contributing to the economy and nutrition of a country in a big way.

Integrated Farming System

Integrated Farming combines the best of modern tools and technologies with traditional practices according to a given site and situation. In simple words, it means using many ways of cultivation in a small space or land.

integrated goat and poultry

Benefits of Integrated Goat and Poultry farming

Poultry farming involves raising birds for feathers, meat, and egg, while goat farming involves raising goats for meat, and maybe milk. These two are equally good if you are willing to put in the required time, effort, and resources to make their venture a worthy investment.

Hence your choice of investment will depend strictly on the resources available such as land, pasture, access to water etcetera, also the size of holdings is an important aspect to look at.

Goats take a longer time to grow and reproduce than poultry. This means you can generate income from poultry rearing in between goat maturity. In integrated farming, both goats and chickens are raised in a single shed.

This benefits of generating multiple income sources in a small land. Also with poultry farming, you do not need to wait a long duration for earning. Within 3 to 4 months you are able to get income. Therefore this generates an extra income.

How to become a successful integrated goat-chicken farmer?

We all know that goats are multi-functional animals. One can produce a wide variety of products from them like milk, meat, fiber, manure, and so on. The milk of goat is used for producing full cream goat powder, skimmed goat milk powder, goat butter, goat milk cream, fresh goat milk.

It’s a great source of income. But remember, before starting a goat farm select the best goat breeds, that have a good market, and the environment of your place that suits you. If you’re planning to start this type of farming shed, contact Sri hari enterprises.

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Most frequent questions and answers

In integrated Goat-cum-Poultry farming the birds are kept under intensive system.

Integrated Farming System (IFS) is an interdependent or interrelated production systems based on few crops, animals and related subsidiary enterprises main aim is to maximize the utilization of nutrients of each system and minimize the negative effect on environment.

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