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Hydroponics Greenhouse Farming Design

Hydroponic Greenhouse

A hydroponic greenhouse has the technology and systems necessary for the realization of a culture based on the principles of hydroponics, which can be defined as:

“Irrigation system by which the root crops are balanced nutrient solution dissolved in water with all the chemicals necessary for the growth of plants, which can be grown directly on the mineral solution, or in a substrate or medium inert”.

Advantages of hydroponic greenhouse:

Maintain optimum conditions for maximum photosynthetic performance.
Maximizes energy use from photosynthesis to increase the yield of crops.
Improved water use.

hydroponic greenhouse farming

More space efficient: The surface requirements are less for the same product than traditional growing.
Shortens crop cycles. The plant growth is faster.
Solve problems caused by soil depletion: Facilitating the use of labor.
Resolve the problems produced by soil depletion.

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