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Kambalimoole Farms

This is Kambalimoole farm, Punacha near Vitla, there’s a beautiful integrated farm. The farm is managed by the Upadhyaya family. Harikrishna Upadhyaya works in the Finance sector and Rajesh Upadhyaya works in the IT sector as a software engineer.

They Converted noncultivated dry wasteland into cultivatable land by designing landscaped terrace-type areca nut and coconut plantation with a 40 lakh liter rainwater harvesting pond. They collected rainwater in that pond and now they are irrigating that water’s entire farmland with the help of a drip irrigation system. further, they raise different breed fish in that pond.

This is actually dry land. 2 years back we hardly find a few bushes here. At that time, these brothers thought of making agricultural farms on this bare land. And dug two bore wells, but both borewells got failed. Then they decided to make a rainwater harvesting tank at the topmost portion of the hill.

How do you build a rainwater harvesting pond?

Started digging a 40 lakh liter capacity pond with the help of excavators.

Covered the entire pond by king stone 500 micron HDPE Geomembrane. Next, made trenches at the slope to plant Arecanut and coconut.

In the rainy season, they filled the entire pond with Rainwater. Later, decided to start fish farming with breeds like Katla, Rohu, and Roopchand fishes in that pond.

Materials Used for tank: HDPE Geomembrane

kambalimoole farms pond

These brothers installed a Netafim drip irrigation system for the entire farm. Water is filtered in a Netafim Silica sand Gravel filter and passed through the Netafim disc filter with the help of a booster pump, which is conserved by drip irrigation using Netafim Aries Dripline.

Then they planted Mohith Nagar variety areca nut plants by keeping an 8 by 9 feet distance.

Upadhyaya brothers planted 2500 areca nut plants and 100 coconut plants on that 5-acre land. Within 5 years they will start getting returns from this land.

Kambalimoole farms:


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