Discover Agriculture Farming Hydroponic Green Fodder Farming System | Sustainable Livestock Farming

Hydroponic Green Fodder Farming System | Sustainable Livestock Farming

Hydroponic Green Fodder Farming System | Best Hydroponic Fodder for Sustainable Livestock Farming

Hydroponic Green Fodder System

Green fodder is essential to feed livestock, but the reduced availability of land and lack of water. It is become difficult to produce the required quantity of green fodder throughout the year. Also, the lack of quality fodder hampers the growth production and Reproduction of livestock.

Let’s learn How to Grow Hydroponic Fodder in easy steps; it will help you solve the green fodder problem.

Hydroponic fodder is produced by growing seeds without soil, and with very little water; Within six-seven days, the seeds are sprouted, and the seedlings will be up to 30 to 35 cm tall and provide highly nutritious fodder.

Advantages of Hydroponic Green Fodder Production System

These are some major advantages of hydroponics green fodder cultivation.

1. Nutrient Value

Hydroponic fodder has more nutrients than traditional fodder dry food or grain. It contains high carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins.

2. Time to grow

Compared to traditional fodder, which often needs up to two months to grow, you can grow hydroponic fodder in just one week.

3. Less water requirement

Compared to conventional fodder production, it required less water for hydroponic fodder production. Only 3 to 4 liters of water is necessary to grow one kilogram of hydroponic fodder; on the other hand, for traditional fodder, approximately 70- 100liter water is required.

4. Easy daily production

Hydroponic fodder can be produced regularly throughout the year, even when low water problems.

5. Chemicals or pesticides

It does not require any chemicals or pesticides to grow.

6. Reduced workforce and Transport costs

Most of the farmers grow hydroponic green fodders near the livestock farm. Obviously, which reduces workforce and transport costs.

green fodder

Construction of Hydroponic Green Fodder System

To grow good quality fodder, you need to be able to control the temperature and humidity. The fodder easily grows in semi-controlled environmental conditions with a temperature range of 15 to 32 °C and relative humidity of 80-85%.

Also, control light is needed to grow fodder, so you need to build a small shed net or a low-cost greenhouse.

To make a shed net or a low-cost greenhouse, you can use a bamboo log, iron rod, or plastic pipe for structure construction purposes also, and you required shade netting or gunny bags to cover this structure.

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