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How to grow Jackfruit tree | Jack Anil Puttur

Have you ever heard of All-season Jackfruit..? Here we go. Anil Kumar, called Jack Anil, specializes in grafting and budding has developed a new variety of jackfruit, which gives yield all year round & that tree starts giving delicious fruits at 1 and half years.

45-year-old Anil Kumar, popularly known as ‘Jack Anil’, is an expert in grafting and budding jackfruit seedlings. His traditional techniques have been 100 percent successful and he is one of the most sought-after people when it comes to preserving and popularising varieties of jackfruits.

Jack Anil owns the Ninnikallu nursery that has a variety of tropical fruits at Kabaka in Puttur, about 50 kilometers from Mangaluru.

If one takes a view around Ninnikal Nursery, one can find a small jackfruit tree with hundreds of jackfruits. We can find more than 1 lakh grafted jack fruit saplings beside the tree in an open area, ready for shipment to various locations across the country. It’s a splendid sight to view thousand of green saplings arranged in rows, to be picked and planted.

All these jackfruit saplings have something special in them as the jackfruit variety found in Kabaka cannot be found elsewhere. The size, aroma, and taste are unique and hence nationwide demand has grown over a period of time.

Anil has more than 50 special varieties of jackfruits in his field. And he has many other fruit plants too.

Jack Anil (Jackfruit Anil)

Awards and achievements of Jack Anil

Anil’s association with jackfruit helped him earn the title ‘Jack Anil’, substantiated by jackfruit lovers flocking his nursery to buy a sapling with the hope of tasting sweet jack fruit one day in their own backyard.

Recognizing his work Kerala agricultural minister Sunil Kumar presented him with a state award. He won many other state and national awards for conserving different varieties of jackfruit trees.

All-season Jackfruit plant Propagation Method

Jackfruit can be produced either by seeds or by asexual propagation. In seed propagation, since it is produced by pollination, there may be a chance of mixing up different varieties of jackfruit. That is the natural way of producing seeds. If we are looking for a specific variety of jackfruit, we may proceed with asexual methods. In asexual methods, budding is one of the easiest and best methods to propagate plants.

All-season jackfruit will be produced in the asexual method. So it will make sure that we are producing the same variant.

All season Jackfruit Plant

Site Preparation

Normal jackfruit trees should be planted in a gap of 25 ft by 25 ft. But, the All-season jackfruit plant requires only 10 ft. It can also grow in large size pots, people who live in cities, and flats can opt for this plant. If we plant in a garden, it can be a central focus point.

How to plant Jackfruit

Usually, 1.5 ft X 1.5 ft X 1.5 ft is the planting hole. We need to fill it with any kind of compost. You can use vermicompost. Water should be drained. Jackfruit trees should be fertilized with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium applied in a ratio of 8 is to 4 is to 2 is to 1 to 30 g per tree at six months of age. After that, you can double every six months up to 2 years of age. Past the two-year mark, growing jackfruit trees should get 1 kg per tree in the amount of 4 is to 2 is to 4 is to 1 and is applied before and at the end of the wet season.

How to Get more Yield

This variety starts giving yield at 1 and half years after planting. prune off all unwanted extra branches and fruits. you can use those pruned branches for budding purposes. If you don’t prune excess fruits, jackfruits will not grow into their original size. Allow only 2 fruits in 1 bunch. Here you can see hundreds of fruits in this small tree.

To Buy All season Jackfruit plants, Contact Anil Kumar:

Address: Jack Anil’s Ninnikallu Nursery Puttur
SH 101, Alekemajilu Vitla-Kabaka-Puttur road 2 km from kabaka to Vitla, road, Puttur, Karnataka 574220



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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. We can grow almost everywhere in India. It is suitable for almost all soil types and weather conditions.

Right now Anil is selling saplings all over south India. He use his own delivery facility to send it. If you want to buy an all-season jackfruit plant, please do contact Jack Anil.

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