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Organic Coconut Farming | Organic Coconut Cultivation

Organic Coconut Farming


Embark on a journey into the world of Organic Coconut Farming with our educational video produced by the Director of ICAR Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI), Kasaragod. This invaluable resource, designed in simple English, is tailored for extension officials and farmers alike. Discover the groundbreaking package developed by ICAR CPCRI for organic coconut cultivation and glean scientific insights to transform your coconut gardens into thriving organic havens.

Video Overview: The video covers a spectrum of organic farming technologies, providing scientific tips and techniques essential for successful coconut cultivation. Let’s delve into the key aspects highlighted in this insightful video:

Organic Recycling in Coconut Gardens

Understand the art of organic recycling, a fundamental practice to enrich your coconut gardens naturally.

Vermicomposting Techniques Using Coconut Residues

Learn the secrets of vermicomposting using coconut residues, turning waste into a valuable resource for your coconut cultivation.

Vermicomposting in Coconut Basins

Explore the benefits of vermicomposting directly in coconut basins, enhancing soil fertility, and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Coir Pith Composting

Uncover the wonders of coir pith composting, a technique that utilizes coconut coir to enrich the soil.


Dive into the world of Keraprobio, a revolutionary approach contributing to the health and vitality of coconut plants.

Organic Coconut Cultivation

Basin Management

Discover effective basin management strategies to ensure optimal growth and yield from your coconut trees.

Integrated Farming Systems (IFS)

Explore the concept of Integrated Farming Systems, where various agricultural activities complement each other, creating a harmonious ecosystem.

High-Density Multispecies Cropping Systems (HDMCS)

Unveil the benefits of High-Density Multispecies Cropping Systems, a method that optimizes land use and enhances overall farm productivity.

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