Discover Agriculture Farm Design Integrated GOAT and FISH Farm | Modern Goat Fish Farming

Integrated GOAT and FISH Farm | Modern Goat Fish Farming

goat and fish farm

Integrated Goat-Fish farming

An integrated goat and fish farm System offer several potential advantages, that is, increased productivity, greater income, improved cash flow, fuller employment, a better diet for the farmer and his family, and the spread of both biological and economic risks, since two subsystems are involved as opposed to one in a single commodity farming system. This strategy, however, requires more knowledge and management skills.

The integration of goat with fish (tilapia) production is a means of establishing a sustainable farming system aimed at maximizing productivity and minimizing operational costs. There is a great potential for this production as the demand for milk and meat is high.

The importance of goats in many developing countries is now being recognized, but this is not yet reflected in widespread integration with fish culture.

The integration of aquaculture with livestock production offers increased efficiency in resource utilization, reduces risk by diversifying crops and livestock, and thus, provides additional food and income. Therefore integrated goat and fish farm is the best option to develop.

GOAT cum FISH Integration

It is considered a poor man’s cow and a goat’s excreta is considered a very good organic fertilizer. The goat excreta contains organic carbon-60%, N-2.7%, P-1.78%, K-2.88%, and its urine is also equally rich in both N and P. At least 50-60 goats are essential to fertilize 1 ha pond. The goats should be provided with a dry, safe, comfortable house protected from excessive heat.

Best Goat Breeds

The goat breeds are Jamanapari, Beetal, Barbari for milk, and Bengal, Sirihi, Deccani are used for meat purposes. Goats are selective feeders and consume Berseem, Napier grass, Cowpea Soybean, Mulberry, etc. This integration can provide 3500-4000 kg fish/ha/year without supplementary feeding and fertilizer.

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