Integrated Goat and Chicken Farming | Poultry Farming and Goat Farming Together

Integrated Goat and Chicken Farming Shed

Minimum maintenance in farming yields maximum yield and profit. Let us see about goat farming. Goat housing is an important part of the goat farming business. Before starting a goat farm, proper living arrangements should be made for it. Goat farming is a profitable agricultural business. Let’s move one step further in goat farming.

Goat Farming and Poultry Farming Together

As you can see in the video this is an integrated goat and chicken farming shed. This shed construction is done by Sri Hari enterprises. It is built on an area of 2500 square feet. When there is land scarcity, This type of integrated farming helps to develop multiple farming systems in a small space. This shed is 31 feet wide and 81 feet long. Here the upper layer or floor is for goat farming. The underground layer is for poultry farming.

Poultry and Goat shed construction plan

There is a sloped material on top of the chicken yard to move the goat waste aside. Such a system prevents goat manure from falling on the chickens. The major work here is Farm management. It is better to collect manure regularly from the side of the farm and keep it away from the shed. Thus disease infection on livestock can be avoided, which helps in maintaining farm cleanliness. Alternatively, you can grow coconut trees, which provide a shady environment. In addition, manure or fertilizers can be applied to these plants.

goat chicken shed

Integrated Goat-Chicken-Coconut Farming

In an integrated farming system Goat, Chicken & Coconut Farming can also be developed. Related to the type of design Video is available on our channel watch. The Goat and poultry integrated farming shed construction cost or budget depends on shed size.

If you have planning to build a shed like this, or want to know more contact Sri Hari enterprises – Whatsapp – / +91 78927 77873

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